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Monday, 6 September 2010

New Favourite Lipstick!:

I was browsing in Boots yesterday looking for a new mascara - I had originally wanted Eyeko's but it seems my local Superdrugs don't stock it anymore... Is this true for all stores now? Do I have to order online? - and something to spend my No7 voucher on. In the end I settled for a brush since there is really nothing else that interests me from that brand. Besides the eye makeup remover but that's boring! I also picked up two Natural Collection Lipsticks after my friend Hannah recommended one to me :)

I'm a little late on the Natural Collection 'Moisture Shine' bandwagon but after I saw Hannah wearing Rose Petal, I had to try it myself. I also picked up Apple Blossom despite her disliking that one :) At £2 a pop I had nothing to lose if I didn't like it either :) On the top is Apple Blossom, and below Rose Petal. Just my type of shades!

They say: "High shine lipstick that gently moisturises the lips." And I have to agree. Rose Petal is more glossy than Apple Blossom, which turns a buffed matte shade shortly after applying on me. This isn't a complaint however, semi matte finishes are my favourites when it comes to lipsticks.

They claim to be fragrance free, but they do have that cheap waxy crayon type scent, but no big deal, I'd rather not pay for fragrance if I don't have too. The only other con in my opinion is the shape of the bullet, but again I'm picking faults for the sake of it. Did I mention these are £2?!

There are a whole bunch of other shades, and I will definately be looking closely at them next time I'm in Boots. These two genuinely rival MAC in terms of coverage and quality. Apple Blossom is just what I wanted MAC's Creme D'Nude to be! Here's a rather messy swatch:

Absolutley LOVE this! It's my new favourite lipstick and I plan on buying many backups and sending some to my US friends. Mmm, lovely!

As for Rose Petal, it's still a beautiful shade but I prefer Apple Blossom. In real life, this one is a LOT brighter on my lips, more of a statement shade, however the image below shows how it look on my lips indoors. As soon as I step outside into daylight though, it's like POW PINK LIPS:

Still beautiful however, still highly recommended and still on it's way to America also ;) For £2 you really cannot go wrong. A quick google serch brings up many more images of these two, on different skintones etc.

I bought the No7 Blend and Contour brush for £1.50 with my £5 off voucher. It's the #217 dupe a few people have mentioned. I wouldn't have paid full price for it as a) I already have a plethora of brushes, and b) Call me a snob but I tend to rather pay a few extra pounds for a high end brand. That said, it's a decent brush, blends well and would be a great addition to any ones kit - especially beginners or those who don't want to splash out on MAC etc. If anyone would like to see a full review on this one, comparing it to the #217 in detail let me know and I'll give it some more love over the next few days and get back to you!

As for L'Oreal Voluminous - "No Clumping?" - Hmm, big fat DISAGREE xo


  1. i would like to see a review. i need a blending brush. would u recommend it for it?

  2. agree on the voluminous, my tubes of carbon black have always been very clumpy, BUT i love the volume, length and color so much i put up with it lol i just use an old mascara wand afterwards to comb it through my lashes and separate them and i love the results!

  3. Ok no problem, I will get one up in the next few days!

    Yeah I'd recommend it, I prefer the #217 as it is a little denser but for £6.50 it is worth it and still does a good job! :)

  4. oh by the way, is that mod about you on your nails?

  5. such a pretty lip color! looks great on you!


  6. Patricia - I'm going to give it some more tries over the next few days as I love the colour too! With one coat its super pretty and feathery, but I like drama when it comes to my lashes :D

    And yep it is, <3 that colour!

  7. These are gorgeous. Love a nude/pinkish type of color.

  8. For only £2, it looks well worth it! I do want to check it out so hopefully it'll come to Target stores

  9. I like the Natural Collection lipsticks. Apple Blossom looks gorgeous. I don't really mind their slightly odd scent either - they remind me of the lipsticks that my mother donated me when I was 4 to play around with! I have Pink Mallow which is also a really pretty shade. x

  10. ahh :D i think perhaps apple blossom is better for paler skins and rose petal for medium skins!

  11. I don't own anything by Natural Collection, maybe I should! I love your description of Apple Blossom and will be buying it :)

    I love No.7, but I thought it kinda was a high end brand. Well, it's more expensive than some brands like Natural Collection, Barry M, Sleek etc.


  12. I love Natural Collection lipsticks!!! I have 11 :) My favourites are Pink Orchid, Coral Shimmer and Cherry Red!


  13. I have Apple Blossom but have never used it! I might just have to dig it out for today! Looks great on you xx

  14. great review and both colors really suit you. I have just purchased the foundation from the naturel collection..not tried it yet..but couldnt believ the whole range is £2 a pop..will defo be purchasing some other things to try x

  15. I bought Rose Petal the other day - I love it. Perfect pale peach-pink. Apple Blossom didn't look quite right on me...looks sweet on you though! x


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