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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sleek Rose Gold Vs NARS Orgasm:

I don't have easy access to Sleek so have only really started looking into it and making purchases. I can safely say however, that I am falling firmly in love with this drugstore gem of a brand.

Today on a rare trip to a Superdrug which stocks Sleek, I came across the last Rose Gold blush and decided to give it a try since I had heard only good things about it. I was well aware it was quite probably very similar to NARS Orgasm which I already have but decided it was worth getting regardless, especially at only £3.99.

Here are the two compared. L-NARS/R-Sleek:

In the pan Rose Gold is a little less pink and has more golden-peachy tones to it. It also looks slightly more shimmery in the pan with a lot more gold shot through it. Regarding weight and value for money, both blushes are of similar size however NARS contains only 4.8g whilst the Sleek holds 8g. Add that to the fact that Orgasm retails at £19.50 here in the UK and I think you will see what I am getting at?!

£3.99 > £19.50 ;)

I havn't included an image comparing the packaging as honestly I don't really think that matters. Both brands have attractive black packaging and include a mirror in the lid and I love the graphics across the Sleek, although the NARS does feel a little more luxurious to hold.

The product itself and soft, creamy and finely milled. I almost expected to open the lid to swatch and get a chalky, uneven result like so many other drugstore blushes, but was amazed at the quality. It feels very buttery to touch and applies and blends like a dream. Cannot fault the application of this one.

Admittedly I have had Orgasm a lot longer and it has been used much more often, but I have complained before about the lack of pigmentation sometimes and the fact that my NARS blushes often 'ball up' on the surface and sort of seal the blush, very much like a pressed powder which has been used with the same sponge over and over resulting in oil buildup. This could be due to sanitizing them with a light misting of Isopropyl alcohol after use, but I don't anticipate this happening with Rose Gold as much less pressure is required to lift the product.


As you can see, these two are very, very close. I don't think there is a difference in the colour as such, the Sleek looks a little darker perhaps but I think thats due to the fact that it swatches a lot easier and has better payoff. Blend it out a little more or add another layer of Orgasm and I think you'd be looking at a dead ringer. In some lights the NARS seems to pull slightly pinker, but then it others it tends to be the opposite.

Overall, this is the best Orgasm dupe I have come across so far and in my honest opinion the quality of the Sleek is superior. And that is really something coming from a NARS lover like me - I'm not dissing Orgasm in any way, it's obviously a very popular blush for good reason, I just can't imagine paying almost £20 for it again after discovering Rose Gold. :)

And since I had it to hand, I swatched MAC's Dainty too. It's close, but no cigar:
Definately check it out!


  1. This looks gorgeous. I wish I had easy access to Sleek too, all their stuff looks fab!

  2. I love NARS blushes as well, so I'm not talking down Orgasm, but I think i like Rose Gold better when looking at your swatches! I just wish I had access to Sleek products!

  3. Wow, this is amazing :) I have wanted Orgasm for ages, but think I will definitely opt for the Sleek version!

  4. I have all of Sleek's normal blushes and love them so much. However I swatched Rose Gold instore but didn't get it because I already have Orgasm and I barely use that as it is! x

  5. wow, the sleek blush looks so pretty in that swatch next to orgasm - the lack of pigmentation in Nars orgasm frustrates me lol

  6. Wow that is so close in colour! I've always wanted to try Nars but the price puts me off. Lol. Think I'll have to get the Sleek one! :)
    Thanks for this xx

  7. that's a very informative post , thank you ! I think it is very usefull for girls who don't know if it is worth investing in Orgasm. I was fooled by all the reviews saying it was working for every skin tone. Sadly, it clashes on my very pale complexion ! So I would have been more than happy to test a 3.99 dupe to discover that ...

    Caro xxx

  8. you guys in the UK are so lucky to have such convenient access to this brand. here in the US we have to deal w/ such crap just to get one item!

  9. i love you. your site is amazing! what a lovely makeup artist. ;)

  10. hi emma

    thanks for the review. i actually bought the sleek before reading your blog. i thought it looked like orgasm even though i dont own the nars blush. so in your opinion as you own both, do you think it is very close? i keep buying lots of dupes of products and then end up spending more than just buying the original to start with! i dont think anyone will be able to tell the difference between these two though and do find the nars very sheer when ive tried it out in space NK. lesley

  11. thought id posted comment! so do you think rose gold is as good as orgasm?

  12. someone said that rose gold and orgasm are not the same! but they do look similar i think

  13. someone said that rose gold and orgasm are not the same! but they do look similar i think


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