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Monday, 11 October 2010

Yves Saint Laurent - You Never Let Me Down:

Yves Saint Laurent is definately up there in my list of favourite brands. It's not one of the cheapest available, but personally I think the quality of the makeup is worth every penny. Whilst I don't flash the cash when it comes to their eyeshadows or blushers all that often, they are one the brand of choice 80% of the time when it comes to concealers, lipsticks and foundations.

The Touche Eclait in 01 is my HG concealer for undereyes, it erases all signs of fatigue for me and really brightens the area. It's so lightweight that there is no chance of it creasing throughout the day. Now I have found what could quite possibly be my HG foundation too!

The foundation in question is Teint Resist and it retails for £28/30ml. Yves Saint Laurent themselves say: "Unfailing beauty for your complexion. Yves Saint Laurent created Teint Resist, a long wear, ultra comfortable and transfer resistent foundation for an endlessly flawless radiance at any time of the day... or night'. 'Ideal for normal, oily or combination skin. Dermatologically tested'.

It's available in roughly 10 shades - some places tend to stock less for some reason - and I use 01 Ivory (obviously, huh.)

The Packaging:
I love that this one has a pump, although it does stick a little sometimes which gets rather tedious when you have to press 10x over before any product is released. Obviously I don't care enough to exchange it, though. Besides the pump I will say I'm not overly impressed with the bottle. It's awfully plain, no graphics in sight besides the lid and paired with the gold pump it looks almost - dare I say it - tacky? I also wish it were rounded, as it doesn't feel too nice to hold, but whatever, it's the product inside I care about. Just an observation.

The Formula:
This one's a thick liquid. Tip your hand upside down and it won't drip yet it's easy to blend. It looks slightly yellow in the image above, but on my face and neck its a perfect match. It has that signature Yves Saint Laurent scent - watermelonish in my opinion - that many love although it personally reminds me of Veet hair removal cream! It's fresh and pleasant enough though and definately a welcome change from the usual plasticy smell many foundations carry.

Application and Finish: Clean skin, pre foundation.

Teint Resist alone. No powder, highlighter or blush etc.

So as you can see from the before image, my skin is in pretty good shape. Its generally blemish free, but has freckles that give it an uneven appearance. It's normal too, no dryness or oiliness 99% of the time. When it comes to foundations I like matte or satin finishes. Sometimes I will reach for a dewy one, but most of the time I like to start with a matte base and add highlighters sparingly on top, which for me gives the most long lasting and natural finish.

I don't like to mask my freckles, only diffuse them and this foundation does exactly that. It genuinely looks like my-skin-but-better which I love. It applies smoothly and is easy to blend, I use the Cover FX Pointed foundatin brush usually then use my fingertips to rub into the nose and eye areas.

Once applied I cannot feel this foundation on my skin at all. Not one little bit. It's pretty undetectable to the eye too, especially with a colour match this good. When they say transfer restistant - they mean it. You could rub and rub at your face and this stuff wouldn't budge, yet is easily removed at night with regular cleansers. Is it as long lasting as it promises? Completely. This one lasts all day on me with absolutely no change.

Yves Saint Laurent - I think I love you ;)


  1. For a foundation junkie like me this sounds lovely. I have never tried YSL before and have some debenhams vouchers. I would like to try this or the new lancome one. Thanks for your review x

  2. Pyxiee - The Teint Miracle from Lancome? I've been trialling that too, wish they had a perfect colour match for me cos I think I'd quite like it! It's very 'see through' coverage if that makes any sense though. I'll put a review up in the next few days if it would be of any help? Luckily I took pics! xx

  3. Yep that's the one! I love a foundation review. This one sounds better because although I also like my freckles to show through, I like my redness to be somewhat hidden! x

  4. Ohhh sounds really nice!! I have been dying to try the Teint Radiance, soon I hope... :p Have you tried it yet?? x

  5. Nikki - I've tested the Teint Radiance but nowhere seems to sell it in Ivory so I havn't bought it yet! If I ever find it, it will be bought instantly :P x

  6. It sounds lovely. I've been eyeing this up for a while but I keep talking myself out of buying it as I have so many foundations to use up as it is. I'll probably cave eventually and buy...curiosity is getting the better of me. x

  7. tackyblueeyeshadow -
    It's worth it, I promise :D

  8. Really intrigued by your review, my next foundation will probably either be this or the Hourglass one.
    Love the coverage and the finish from your photos, like you said, ysl does deliver, huh? :)


  9. I love this foundation on you... and on myself! We are shade twins LOL

    So I wonder what other foundations match your complexion? At times I need some more coverage than YSL TR 1....


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