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Saturday, 27 November 2010

False Lash Effect vs. Lashblast:

These two mascras are often branded the same product in different - yet very similar - packaging.

As a long time user and fan of Covergirls Lashblast I recently decided to pick up the Max Factor version. Not only is the Lashblast only available in the US, but I also wanted to try out the MF for comparisons sake - it would be a lot easier for me to repurchase this from my local Boots or Superdrug than have to go out of my way to order the Lashblast online or have a friend or relative in the USA send it to me.

The Max Factor retails at £10.99 whilst the Lashblast will only set you back round $7 which currently exchanges at just £4.49. Bare in mind that US drugstore brands are almost always on offer and I think it's clear to see which is the best value here. But, alas, we are used to the significance difference in prices between countries by now I'm sure :)

The shape of the packaging is exactly the same, it's totally obvious they are manufactured by the same parent brand. I much prefer the black and gold colour combination of the Max Factor but the Covergirl is nothing to complain about - just a little bit bright and in your face :)

The brushes or wands, whatever you may call them are also exactly the same. Both large and made of hard rubber or plastic with really short and closely spaced bristles. By now I'm fairly sure the product inside is going to be the same too...


Max Factor to the left and Covergirl to the right.

This is where I'm not so sure anymore. Do you see the difference I see? Although both seem to lengthen and seperate the lashes the same, the Covergirl seems to voluminize at the base a little more. You can see darkness at the roots in the right eye that is not so apparent on the left.

The Lashblast was maybe 1month older than the False Lash Effect when I took these photos, but it was in no means dried up or any different in texture to when I first purchased it. It could also be down to my application - my left is usually slightly better than my right eye.

I don't know why, but I do see a difference and I much prefer the Lashblast. It just seems strange to me that the formula be different when the packaging and wand are exactly the same. Perhaps one of the ingredients in one is banned in the other, who knows? I will always repurchase Lashblast when I get the chance, but the Max Factor will be a one time purchase.

I have however finally fallen firmly in love with Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils after a itchy and irritating first attempt with the cult favourite. Review soon but it's pure love! xo


  1. I love Lash Blast mascara!! I agree that it's weird how the two seem identical but on your lashes, it looks quite different. I can definitely see how Lash Blast gives your lashes more volume than the Max Factor one.

  2. I definitely notice a difference at the root - I was always under the impression that they were exactly the same!! And I LOVE faux cils - I too had a shaky start but it's love!! xx

  3. I can notice a slight difference with the Lash Blast! your lashes definitely look thicker.
    I would love to see your lashes with tha mascara from YSL.

  4. I don't rate False Lash effect at all, but it might be worth a punt with the Lash Blast. Will also keep an eye out for a Faux Cils review!

  5. LashBlast looks better on you, and I absolutely love it!

  6. I can never manage to get a tidy coat with the massive brush from the MF one.
    I can see a very small but very important difference between the two.
    The brushes look very similar so the difference must be on the formula I guess?
    Another point worth mentioning although it sounds stupid..I find that my right eye always get a better coat and a better finish than the left eye. I am right handed so maybe that's why? Don;t ask me but I get that with every mascara I use. Strange...
    Brilliant post. XXX

  7. Big fan of Lash Blast here~

    I've been wanting to try the Falsies.. wonder if it's any good.


  8. the lash blast looks a lot more intense! love it! xo


  9. I love lash blast but Makeup for ever smokey lash is my all time fave mascara.

  10. i definitely see the volume at the base of your lashes with the cover girl mascara more.

  11. While I notice a difference and the cover girl seems nicer my experience with mascara is that you could have opened two of the cover girl and had slightly different results. I think most mascaras differ from wand to wand depending on the manufacturing batch.


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