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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Neutral Palette & Swatches!:

A month or so ago I posted my bright palette plus swatches and many showed interest in my neutrals too. So here is my most used neutral palette. As always they are in a Z Palette (love!), so here you go:

L-R: MAC Carbon, MAC Typographic, MAC Black Tied, MAC Moth Brown, MAC Scene, MAC Silver Ring, MAC Smoke & Diamonds.

Favourites here being Typographic - so creamy, pigmented and easy to blend, Scene - perfect slate tone and Smoke & Diamonds - lovely silvery taupe that makes for a beautiful, soft smokey eye. I don't recommend Carbon at all.

L-R: MAC Showstopper, The Balm Caught In The Act Courtney, MAC Espresso, MAC Charcoal brown, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Copperplate, The Balm Insane Jane.

I love Showstopper - perfect satin cool dark brown, Charcoal Brown - I use this for my brows, Satin Taupe - everyone loves this and Copperplate - gorgeous smokey grey taupe which is lovely and blendable.

L-R: MAC Bronze, MAC Go!, MAC Tempting, MAC Patina, The Balm Just This Once Jamie, The Balm Devilish Danielle.

Favourites are MAC Tempting - my go to bronze, swatch is little more orange than it appears on my eyes and Patina - my all time most used MAC shadow, ever!

L-R: MAC Sunday Best, MAC Dazzlelight, MAC Blanc Type, MAC Vanilla, MAC Unbasic White, The Balm Tempting Tara, MAC Gesso.

Most used in this row is Dazzlelight - my favourite shimmer shade that matches my skintone, Vanilla - for a matte finish and Unbasic White - is my go-to white shimmery shade that works with any look.

Any questions, just ask :-)


  1. I've been dying to get a Z palette and your zebra one is so cute! You have a really great collection of neutral shadows :) I was surprised by how much nicer Typographic looks swatched next to Carbon. Great post :)

  2. How would you compare Mac Moth brown to Satin Taupe? The Moth Brown swatch reminded me of Satin Taupe until I scrolled down and saw the ST swatch. In your opinion if I have Satin Taupe do I need moth brown?

  3. gorgeous collection
    thx for the swatches =)

  4. this palette is awesome!
    love it!

  5. Obsessed Makeup Addict: Satin Taupe is much warmer and more brown toned than Moth Brown which is cooler, and has more of a grey tone to it.

    I prefer Satin Taupe but they are different xx

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments :)

  7. So many beautiful colors!



    PS Hope you can enter the giveaway on my blog!

  8. LOVE this post! I'm all about the neutrals...The Balm Insane Jane looks looovely! How would you describe this?
    Is there a better alternative to Carbon other than Typographic?

  9. Great swatches!
    Typographic and Gesso are definitely going to be among my next purchases and now I 'm thinking Vanilla too! :)
    Very helpful post!


  10. Was it hard to depot shadows from the balm palette? :)


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