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Monday, 15 November 2010

Whilst On The Subject Of NARS...:

...Meet my new favourite brushes!

I recieved the Yachiyo Artisan and the #12 Crease Brush from a friend in the US who manages a NARS counter. I always admired these two but knew I had enough brushes to last me a lifetime so never actually made the purchase. Long story short, I came home to the UK, got sick and woke up one day to find a lovely parcel from him which included them both :)

First up, the Yachiyo:

Retailing for £37 here in the UK, this brush is designed for the flawless application of powder and colour. It claims to be perfect for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion and also blending and diffusing colour on or around the eye area thanks to it's gently tapered tip.

The handle is hand woven with black wisteria - which always makes me think of Desperate Housewives when I use it! No? Just me? ;) - which gives it a very different feel to the rest of my brushes. It also is very lightweight but doesn't feel compromised quality wise.

It's a lovely soft brush which feels great to use. It applies powders like a dream and I absolutely love it for my Lightscapade MSF. The main reason I like it so much though, is that it is a medium sized version of my two favourite brushes; the MAC #138 and #165:

And secondly, the #12:

This is another great brush which has found it's way into my favourites. This one retails at £22 here which is a little more acceptable than the Yachiyo's price, but still up there with other high end brushes.

Made of squirrel hair and designed to create definition and depth to the crease of the eye, this really does what it says on the tin. It's lovely and soft, but still dense enough to really be able to push product into the socket line. It gives a super defined finish, perfect for 60's looks or cut creases, but not so much for every day looks. I love using it with blacks to really add depth to the outer corner, but not taking it all the way into the crease.

As you can see by the image above, it's very small. Much smaller than the MAC #224 and quite a bit smaller than my favourite crease brush of all the time - MAC #226. I also compared it to the lesser known brand Monda, just incase any of you have their #550 :)

Overall, love love love these brushes and would recommend them highly - especially the Yachiyo!


  1. I loooooove the Yachiyo! I bought two of them off ebay and they are probably fake, but I dont care! Best used with powder products as mine are now shedding from using them for foundation! They were really amazing for foundation though... :(

  2. I love the yachiyo too, thanks for the post!

  3. I have wanted the NARS Yachiyo for aaaages! I used it in Space NK to apply Mata Hari blush and, for once, Mata Hari didn't look garish!

    I bought the MAC #165 to apply Lightscapade too (spooky) but I just use #165 for contouring now as it's too small for blush..maybe I DO need the Yachiyo :)

  4. I want both of them!! Especially the Yachiyo. I can never have enough brushes !


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