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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Looong Time Coming & OPI Collection:

Oh my gosh, it's been so long it just took me about an hour to figure out how to use the 'new' Blogger layout. That and the fact that I just turned 24 whilst my last post was written at 22, makes me a very bad blogger. I won't promise I'm back for good, (because I never keep them!) but I hope to post a little more frequently. I miss you guys and I'm totally out of the loop.

Another about that, here's my OPI collection which has grown vastly during my break from blogging. I'm not a polish snob, but I like consistency and OPI just happened to be the brand I choose most frequently. Enjoy! I'll have swatches up if anyones interested:

 Turquoise Shatter - Into The Night - Roadhouse Blues - Swimsuit, Nailed It!, Ogre The Top Blue, Ski Teal We Drop, What's With The Cattitude?, Austentatious Turquoise, Not Like The Movies, Yoga-Tu Get This Blue, How You Blue'in? 

 Mermaids Tears - Just Spotted The Lizard - Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow - Who The Shrek Are You? - Gargantuan Green Grape - Teenage Dream x2 - Fresh Frog Of Bel Air - Gone Gonzo! - Pirouette My Whistle - Spark Di Triomphe - Servin' Up Sparkle - Divine Swine

 Mimosas For Mr & Mrs x2 - Tickle My Francey - Makes Men Blush - Alpine Snow - My Boyfriend Scales Walls - My Pointe Exactly - White Shatter - Designer, De-Better! - Up Front And Personal - Steady As She Rose - You're A Doll - Play The Peonies - My Private Jet - You Don't Know Jacques (Suede) - Espresso Your Style - Number One Nemesis - Your Royal Shineness

Play Till Midnight - A Grape Fit - Do You Lilac It? - Lucky, Lucky Lavender - Purple With A Purpose  - Russian Navy - Pandamonium Pink - Rumples Wiggin' - Funkey Dunkey

Bastille My Heart - Big Apple Red - Marinello On The G.L.O.W - Got The Blues For Red - OPI Red - Monsooner Or Later - Hot & Spicy - Y'All Come Back, Ya Hear? - A Roll In The Hague - Need Sunglasses?

Italian Love Affair - Mod About You x2 - Otherwise Engaged - Suzi And The Lifeguard - Elephantastic Pink - I Eat Mainely Lobster - Grand Canyon Sunset - La Pazitively Hot - Strawberry Margarita - Ladies & Magentamen 

 William Tell Me About OPI - We'll Always Have Paris - Midnight In Moscow - I Brake For Manicures - Lincoln Park At Midnight - Light My Sapphire - Lincoln Park After Dark - Siberian Nights - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees - Black Onyx - Vamsterdam - Black Cherry Chutney

My favorites are definately the vamps and neutrals, especially now Autumn is coming, but there will always be a place in my heart for Mod About You!
I wish I could show you the super cool way I store these, but since I'm pretty much a nomad these days they're color coordinated in ziploc bags and that's nothing I feel the need to show!

Is anyone reading this? Am I too late? Comment :)


  1. OH MY GOD!!!
    I am SO pleased you're back! Hope you've been doing great :-)
    You know, a few weeks ago, I had a cull of the blogs I was following to get rid of ones that never posted any more/I was no longer interested in. But I LEFT YOURS! I was like 'just in case she comes back one day..'
    And you did! Amazing!

    Sweet OPI collection - I've only got a handful, I'm more of a China Glaze/Illamasqua fan :-)

    1. Hey Girl! Aw thats so sweet :-) I'm glad you did. Im having such trouble with the layout though, haha.

      Thanks! I like ChG too, unfortunately I've never tried an Illamasqua polish haha :( OPI's are SO cheap in America with my pro card, $4.25 so about 2.50GBP (Damn US laptop has no pound sign!) I wont ever pay 12.50GBP again x

  2. Hey!!
    Hope you're well! Sometimes we just need a little break!

    I just love your collection!! Jealous isn't the word!! I Especally love the nudes and the purple/lilac ones!



  3. Hey! Hope you are well! Glad you're back, sometimes we just need a wee break :)

    I love your collection! Jealous isn't the word! I love the nudes and the lilacs especially!!



  4. So, so happy to see you back! I did the same thing as Leanne...knew you'd be back one day!

    That's quite a collection! You're lucky you have access to such cheap OPI! I buy bits on ebay, but it still works out pricey with shipping!

    How's life in America treating you? :) xx

    1. Thanks so much!!

      Yeah OPI's here are ridiculously high priced after buying them there. :(

      And Im back in the UK for a while now xx

  5. amazing collection love opi! im also struggling to cope with this new layout!! look forward to your future posts! :) xx

  6. og my god, i just googled your blog cos i thought of you this morning and i see you posted yesterday for the first time in ages!!! psychic or what? lol glad to read you again x

    ps. come back to twitter!

  7. oh and if you love opi's vampy colours you NEED black cherry chutney, although it probably looks like something else you already own...

  8. I'm SO happy you're back! I've missed your blog. I was actually going through my reading list, deleting ones that no longer post and I came to yours and thought I won't delete just yet! SO glad I didn't! :)
    Loving the OPI's...am so jealous! :) xx

  9. Emma, you are back!!! I'm so happy about that!


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