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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nail Of The Day x3:

My blog is focusing on nails lately it seems, primarily because I havn't worn makeup for months but also simply because I'm very much in a nail phase right now :)

I did my 'montly trim' a week or so ago and filed them all back to shorties. I like to do it once a month or so, not only because my nails grow super fast, but because I feel it helps me maintain stronger nails.

Nubar 'Hotel Baby Pink', 2 coats:
You probably know by now that I love light pastel pinks and this one is a firm favourite. It's a little less lilac toned than most and has more of a baby, almost peachy tone to it in real life. Soon I will post a comparison of all my seriously similar shades.

Orly 'Luxe', 2 coats:
Luxe is one of the most metallic golds I have ever tried and holds up really well (I use a mixture of Nailtek 2 and CnD Stickey for my base coat) unlike some other foil type shades. It has quite a silver tone to it in daylight with silver flecks scattered throughout. Not my favourite shade but a nice change :)

Barry M 'Dusky Mauve', 2 coats:
LOVE this shade. Love how the topcoat gives it a super glass like finish. Nothing else to be said really, great application as with all Barry M's :-)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nails Nails Nails:

Like many other bloggers I was recently offered the chance to try out some products from Born Pretty Store and since I am very much so back into nails right now after growing out the damage from acrylics, I kindly accepted to do so :)

Here is the design I was wearing a few days ago, created using two items sent from the company: Pink, bright and kind of tacky leopard print ♥

I thought I would try out the pack of nail art brushes since I had been looking into purchasing some anyway. The pack contains 15 different brushes with varying bristles. You get dotting tools, fan brushes, striping brushes, detail brushes, square tip brushes (my favourites for french manicure tips!) and many more. One of the angle tip brushes has become my go-to for clean up, it works amazingly well as it is quite still but still small enough to be effective.

The brushes themselves are of great quality. A nice length, with a pearly cream finish. Don't mind the one odd, wooden looking brush - I accidently dropped it in the acetone I was cleaning it with and it melted the lacquer a little. I decided to go ahead and remove it all and I still like how it looks, haha :) See the set here.

I used 2 coats of OPI Mod About You as a base, then using the bent small detail brush I drew the black part of the animal print. By using a smaller brush like this one it was much easier to control the lines, then having to rely on the striper like brush that comes with the polish. Then I used the metal dotting tool to add Essie Pink Parka to the centre of some of the shapes. It looked a little too neat for me so I went ahead and randomly dragged some of the fluro pink outwards giving a more scattered finish.

Thankyou so much to Born Pretty Store and I recommend you check the site out, as they have a plethora of products for you to browse.

I have a 10% voucher code to share with you all: EMMAK31 to expire on March 31st

I will show you more of the items in a later post :)

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