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Friday, 14 September 2012

Nail Of The Day and New Polish:

I rarely recreate the same nails twice. Regular colors, sure. But nail art or fancy stuff? Not so much. Todays NOTD however has quickly become a favorite of mine and this is perhaps the third time I've worn it. I knew it would go so well with my outfit and jewelry, that I couldn't resist a redo.

The gold half moon is Orly's Luxe kept glossy while the OPI Black Onyx is mattified using Essies Matte About You:

And just because Chloe decided to photobomb, I thought I'd share an image of one of my favorite polishes and my all time favorite puppy.
OPI's Ski Teal We Drop. Absolutely love this and the formula is to die for:

And last but my all means not least, here's my little OPI German haul that arrived in the mail this morning. I'm absolutely in love with all of the colors and almost tempted to try them out right now. But since it's midnight and I spent a good thirty minutes perfecting todays manicure, I think it can wait:

My Very First Knockwurst - Nein! Nein! Nein! OK. Fine! - Berlin There, Done That - Every Month Is  Oktoberfest

I am totally gutted to be missing Oktoberfest this year. It was all planned and then fell through :( Oh well. I dont like beer anyway.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm loving half moon manicures at the moment x

  2. omg, I'm loving the top photo! I've never been into that look...until now! :) xx


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